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The Randolph Master Plan represents the collective input from the Randolph community about what we should do next, in 7 topics. The Master Plan was last completed in 2017 and is re-created every 10 years.

The Master Plan Implementation Committee (MPIC) is charged with communicating with each Town agency and department, about their status of completion of Master Plan items. The MPIC started meeting in early 2022, with former Town Councilor Paul Meoni serving as chair, and Town Councilor Jesse Gordon as the appointed Town Council liaison, plus representative members from the community and from relevant Town agencies.

The Community Wellness Plan (CWP) is a planning document which Randolph completed under the auspices of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC). MAPC funnels grants to towns based on recommendations in the CWP. The CWP has a "crosswalk" to the Master Plan, showing where they overlap in each of the 7 topics.

The Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) is a planning document required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for many grant applications. Randolph's most recent OSRP was updated in 2014-2015 and is now expired. After the 2017 Master Plan was completed, an OSRP update was begun but never completed. A plan to complete that update appears below.

Committee to Elect Jesse Gordon, 52 West St, Randolph MA 02368

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