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Call for action in Stoughton:

Route 138, the main street of Stoughton, has zero bus service at all. Looking at a map of the MBTA bus network, there's a missing "spoke" on the hub system -- Rt 24 and Rt 138 have no bus service, while all other similar roads DO have bus service (like Rt 28 in Randolph, Rt 138 to Canton, and Rt 109 to Norwood). What can we do about it?!

Our proposed Randolph shuttle van passes through Stoughton, and we'd like to include Stoughton residents. We submitted a petition to the Randolph Town Council to create two shuttle van routs in Randolph; a third route (shown in purple at upper right) could include Rt 138 in Stoughton. This would help Randolph residents too, since the route would include Randolph and Canton.

    The proposed route would include:
  • Starting point is the Stoughton Commuter Rail station.
  • Harrison Blvd shopping center
  • Home Depot/IKEA complex in Avon
  • Target shopping center on Rt 139
  • Randolph theater complex on Mazzeo Drive
  • High Street in Randolph (Rosemont housing)
  • Avalon/Prynne Hills residence in Randolph/Canton
  • Bus #716 interchange on Rt #138 in Canton
  • Several stops on Rt 138 in Stoughton
  • Connection to BAT bus #14 (Washington St at Osco Drug)
  • Return to Stoughton Commuter Rail station.

Bus #716 goes to Cobbs Corner; it never enters Stoughton. It'd be a nice connection via a husttle van from Stoughton to use that bus to connect to the Red Line extension (Mattapan Square).

The Stoughton Commuter Rail goes to South Station to the north and Providence to the south -- but it's a very long walk from most residences in Stoughton, and has limited parking. The purpose of the shuttle van is to allow residents to use the commuter rail and other transit systems, without needing a car to get to the transit hubs.

The map of MBTA bus routes is shown below, with Stoughton omitted! Let's fix this! It's very difficult to get the MBTA to change their bus routes, so we're proposing creating our own.

Randolph has a commuter rail station and three bus lines, but many people live too far away to use them daily. it's only a few miles to the Braintree T station but there is no bus that goes directly there -- why not?!

We could fix that with a shuttle van that runs back-and-forth from housing complexes to train stations and bus stops, and to nearby shopping destinations too.

There are state grants available for "Mobility Hubs" like this -- for example Acton implemented a shuttle van through a MAPC grant.

Having a Randolph shuttle van service would mean that thousands of residents could skip purchasing a car, and instead rely on the shuttle van -- reducing emissions and traffic while improving public health and mobility.

Please spread the word about this proposal, and Councilor Gordon will introduce it to the Town Council when enough of the public will support it.

    Randolph Red Route:
  • Avalon (Prynne Hills) housing complex;
  • Middle School going east;
  • Reed Street housing complex;
  • Pacella Park housing complex;
  • Braintree Station and connection to MBTA and connection to #236 bus;
  • Meadow Lane housing complex and connection to #238 bus;
  • Francis Crossing housing complex and connection to #240 bus;
  • Rosemont Square housing complex;
  • Middle School going west;
  • Irving Road housing complex;
  • return to Avalon (loop).
    Randolph Orange Route:
  • Randolph/Holbrook commuter rail station;
  • Elderly Drive senior housing;
  • RICC / Decelle senior housing;
  • Liberty Place housing complex;
  • Grove & Main and connection to #238 bus;
  • Francis Crossing housing complex and connection to #240 bus;
  • Rosemont Square housing complex;
  • Mazzeo Drive shopping area;
  • Target shopping area;
  • Ikea shopping area;
  • Home Depot shopping area;
  • Stoughton commuter rail station
  • Return to Harrison Ave and cross Rt 24
  • Harrison Ave thru Avon Center to WalMart
  • South Main Street at Center Street
  • Return to commuter rail station (loop)
Committee to Elect Jesse Gordon, 52 West St, Randolph MA 02368

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